Security Systems

8 Reasons you should get a home security system


1. Keep Everything Safe
You’re probably thinking, ‘Duh’, right? A man cave (and home) without a security system though, is a 2.7 times higher target for a thief. A thief, knowing there is a security system, will likely move on to another location. If they do choose your home and you happen to be in it, the security system will be able to alert you and your family so you can find a safe place while the police are being dispatched. Chances are, the thief may also be scared off from the noise of the alarm.

2. Lowers Crime Rate Overall
If you live in a neighborhood where the majority of occupants owned a security system, residential robberies in the area are lower than a neighborhood with no security systems. Along with a neighborhood watch program, you could convince your neighbors to also get home security systems.

3. Access Your Home Remotely
Technology has improved beyond just some door/window sensors and motion detectors. You can monitor your home with cameras and noise triggers. So, not only can you view your cameras from work or you smartphone, you can also turn lights on/off, activate/deactivate electrical devices and adjust your thermostat. You can even get electronic door locks that can be unlocked with your smartphone. What if you were running late for a big man cave party and your wolf pack was waiting at your door in need of some cold brews. You can unlock the door for them with your phone (or provide a random unlock code). Now, you look cool, you saved the party, and you can keep an eye on your buddies til you get there. ‘Hey Jim. Can you point my southwest camera at the TV?’

Lower Home Owners Insurance Premiums

Lower Home Owners Insurance Premiums

4. Decrease Insurance Premiums
Insurance companies love it when dudes get security systems. It makes you a low-risk policy holder and they’ll give you a huge discount for it! Up to 20%! Along with the other benefits of a home security system, that’s a pretty cool deal.

5. Fire Protection
I’ve been to a few Man Cave Parties that have gotten out of hand. Not to the point of any fires or explosions (indoors), but we all know how these things can escalate. Home Security Systems can do more than just alert police to human intruders, they can alert the fire department to carbon monoxide, gas leaks, smoke, flames and fire. Some security systems provide even heat detection devices that can help the fire department pinpoint the source of the fire.

6. Monitor your Pets and Kids
If you have teens, they’re not gonna want those pesky baby sitters around telling them what they can and can’t do. With cameras around, who needs them? You’ll be able to monitor your kids to make sure they’re doing their homework, or not sneaking friends in. I know if I had cameras on me as a teen, my mamma probably wouldn’t have gone grey haired so fast. In combination with the remote locks, you won’t need to worry about your kids needing keys all the time. They check in with you to get the unlock code, or remote unlock to get in. This is also good for knowing your kids are home after school or from their friends house. If Rover keeps jumping on the couch, you can reprimand him if the security system has a remote voice feature.

7. Manage Electricity Devices
One of the top features of a security system, is the ability to integrate your electrical devices with a remote app so you can adjust your thermostat while you’re away. Additionally, you can turn off lights you’ve left on, or if you’re on vacation, you can have certain lights turn on so the house doesn’t appear completely empty.

8. Provides Peace of Mind
Knowing that your Family, Home and Man Cave are protected at all times will give you a peace of Mind whenever you’re away from the house. Knowing that help can arrive in a matter of minutes if something does go wrong will also leave you with a good feeling.

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